Group Rates

Price is based upon number of people and how long you want to reserve space. Group or Party Packages include Axe Throwing and Free Drinks. To place a reservation, please call or text Victoria at (803) 570-9242. Contact us for more information.

2 Hours per person
$ 25-$35*

*Price per Person

  • Axe Throwing
  • 1 Free Drink per Person

$35 PP (10-20 PPL), $30 PP (21-40PPL), $25 PP (41-80PPL)

3 Hours Per Person
$ 30-$40*

*Price per Person

  • Axe Throwing
  • 2 Free Drinks per Person

$40 PP (10-20 PPL), $35 PP (21-40PPL), $30 PP (41-80PPL)

4 Hours Per Person
$ 35-$45*

*Price per Person

  • Axe Throwing
  • 3 Free Drinks per Person

$45 PP (10-20 PPL), $40 PP (21-40PPL), $35 PP (41-80PPL)

For a group or party reservation,
please call or text us at (803) 570-9242.

Our Policies

1. A minimum of 10 guests is required to book any non-business hour group event.

2. $150 rental fee during non-business hours to include Monday’s & any time before opening hours.

3. 15% gratuity will be automatically added to group reservations.

4. Please email [email protected] to set up your event.

5. Reservations for groups of 10+ need to be made NO LESS THAN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT.

6. All guests are required to fill out a Liability Waiver to play. Children 16 years old and younger (no younger than 6) will need a parent/guardian sign a waiver on their behalf. (All basic information for the child and the last block, parent/guardian signs *Parents name for Child’s name*
EX: John Smith Sr. for Jimmy Smith

7. A $150 rental fee is required at time of booking for reservations during non-business hours. No rental fee is required for reservations made during regular business hours.

8. Reservations must be paid in full upon arrival to your event.

9. In the case that additional persons attend your event, the per person rate will apply upon arrival. No credit will be provided for guests that no show your event.

10. If your non-business hour event is canceled 48 hours or more prior, a full refund of your rental fee may be requested.

11. If your non-business hour event is canceled less than 48 hours prior (barring extreme circumstances), the rental fee becomes non-refundable.

12. Group rates can not be combined with any other coupon or discounts.


Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday – 5PM-10PM

Wednesday – 5PM-10PM

Thursday – 5PM-10PM

Friday – 4PM-12AM

Saturday – 4PM-12AM

Sunday – CLOSED