Coming to our PREMIERE Axe throwing venue
is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Gather Your Party

First, gather a group of friends or family that are looking to have a good time! 

Reserve a lane

Next, read the rules, sign a waiver, and reserve a lane ahead of time to beat the line! This way you and your friends will have a set time to come out and throw axes.

Have fun!

Now all that is left is to have fun and enjoy yourself! 

About us

We are the PREMIER Axe throwing venue in Orangeburg, SC! We will also be serving a variety of craft beer! Here at Black Water Axes and Ales you are sure to have a time you will never forget! 

Black Water Axes and Ales Rules! 

Rules must be followed at all times! 


Everyone MUST sign the waiver. 


Closed toes shoes REQUIRED.


Only ONE thrower per target lane allowed in the throw zone. (Throw Zone will be designated by caution tape or other safety measures.)


Axes can only be retrieved AFTER both participants have thrown. 


After your turn, return the axe to the designated holder. (Please do NOT hand the axe off to anyone!!)


Axes are NOT to be taken out of throwing station.


Axes are always to be handled in a safe manner. NO swinging. NO flipping.


NO trick shots or horseplay with the axes.


NEVER touch the blade of the axe.


You MUST be at least 21 years of age to consume alcohol on the premise and must drink responsibly.


If you are visibly intoxicated, management and/or employees reserve the right to terminate your axe throwing at their discretion.


Violating any of the above rules or by putting yourself or anyone else in harm’s way will result in termination of your axe throwing with NO refund. 

Ready to join us? Book a lane now! 

Contact us


1128 Orangeburg Circle
Orangeburg, SC 29115